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eFoil Myrtle Beach is a proud reseller of Waydoo foils, the highest quality and most cost-efficient eFoils on the market today.

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Flyer ONE+

Remarkably powerful, the Flyer ONE+ utilizes a highly sophisticated design with unparalleled features at an unbeatable price. Waydoo has developed the one-of-a-kind Flyer ONE with a robust electric propulsion system and slip-resistant textured carbon fiber. Fast, quiet, and emission-free, the Flyer ONE+ creates the ultimate flying experience.

The Flyer ONE+ has been built to be as convenient and efficient as possible. The Flyer ONE’s PowerFlight Cell battery was designed with durable, high-quality materials, needing only 2 hours to fully recharge, making it one of the fastest recharge models on the market. Each charge allows you to fly freely for up to 120 minutes, giving you ample time to explore and create an unforgettable adventure. 

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Fast & Quiet

Experience the exhilarating speeds of up to 30mph. The propeller system was redesigned to reduce noise.

Long Battery Life

With a fully charged Flyer One Plus Efoil, you can enjoy up to a 120-minute ride.

Intuitive Controls

The Bluetooth-connected controller gives you real-time information, intuitive control, and security.